Kliffer Entertainment strives to provide innovative, quality shows which are in themselves unique. The work is authentic and original, captivating and solid. We are trying to make improvisation a legitimate theatrical art as we feel improvisation is a fine art.

The team at Kliffer Entertainment are glad to collaborate on any project and believes that every idea can be a success as long as it is produced properly.

Our main shows are unlike any around. Golden Ages: The Fully Improvised Musical dazzles audiences with the grandiosity of any other musical. However, the entire musical is completely spontaneous! With a fully improvised 8 piece orchestra and a fully improvised 7 person cast, it’s like no other show in the world!

Mixed Company pairs 8 notable Canadian improvisers with 8 notable Canadian actors in a show that is true to it’s name. The actors are fully scripted in a two-hander scene, the improviser plays their unscripted scene partner and makes up the other lines on the spot.

Missed Connections uses actual Craiglist Missed Connections as inspiration for improv scenes. In the second half of the show, an audience member is picked at random to go on a live date with one of our improvisers. After the show, the theatre is converted into a dance floor which makes a great night out complete.

Stripprov is a naughty improv competition of the sexes, hosted by a loud mouthed drag queen who is never afraid to throw some serious shade. The evening is complete with prize giveaways for our audience and even some audience participation!

The Lipton Improv Hour is presented by the Improv Actors Studio and features student performances from the improv and musical improv classes of that month. It is hosted by our very own ‘James Lipton’. Stay afterward for Ted and Lisa, featuring Ted Hallett and Lisa Merchant. To check out the classes that the Improv Actors Studio has to offer, click on the link above!

The Other Side is a weekly talkback series where special guest Producers, Directors and Writers talk about their experiences in the industry. It is facilitated by a special guest actor and includes an audience question and answer period.

If you are looking for a great night of entertainment, or something fun to do with your friends, or if you are just an advocate for the Canadian Arts scene, come check out the fantastic shows Kliffer Entertainment has to offer. Get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.

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Artistic Producer – Alan Kliffer
Associate Producer – Ali Frogatt
Content Manager – Sarah Grange
Corporate Sales & Accounting – Jacob Insley
Social Media Marketing – Stella Social

Special thanks to casts and crews:

Colin Mochrie, Kathy Greenwood, Lisa Merchant, Jayne Eastwood, Linda Kash, Jerry Schaefer, Paula Brancati, Bruce Dow, Divine Brown, Sean Cullen, Albert Howell, Robin Duke, Deb McGrath, Janet Van De Graaf, Grace Lynn Kung, Tony Rosato, Precious Chong, Christine Horne, Jan Caruana, Sky Gilbert, Sandy Jobin-Bevans, Aurora Browne, Jennifer Goodhue, Kris Siddiqi, Reid Janisse, Kyle Mac, Kirsten Rassmussen, Ted Atherton, David Gale, Pat Thornton, Kyle Golemba, Sharron Matthews, George Masswohl, Jacqueline Thair, Kelly Holiff, Katrina Reynolds, Gabi Epstein, Lauren Collins, Raymond Ablack, Dalmar Abuzeid, Charlotte Arnold, Jake Goldsbie, Michael Hughes, Adamo Ruggiero, Matt Folliott, Ben Lewis, Ennis Esmer, Kristopher Bowman, Natasha Boomer, Nadine Djoury, Rob Norman, Adam Cawley, Christine Aziz, Phatt Al, Nicky Nasrallah, Kevin Matviw, Sarah Grange, Patrick Murray, Alexander Plouffe, Rob Salerno, Myles Dobson, Ken Stewart, Joey De Carle, Troy Goldthorp, Sam Graham, Chiamaka Umeh, Natalie Metcalfe, Jordan Timmons, Jacob Insley, Gavin Williams, Mathieu Aubin, Cassie Doane, Lucia Forward, Bryan Kling, Liana Bdewi. And the list grows, thank you.

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